Invite team members

Inviting Team Members is a great way to collaborate on reports and to get your entire team using the platform.

1. First, you need to click on the "User-Name's Team" to get to the account management page


2. Secondly, click on the "View Details" button on "Team Management"


3. Third, you add the email of the person you want to invite to your team.


4. Next, you choose the permission status:

Admin will give the team member control over changing the actual account: add projects, add users, billing info, make purchases as well as adding and editing locations, businesses, and reports.

Collaborator allows the user to edit and make reports, locations, and businesses.

View Only will only allow the team member to view your reports, and locations, but will not allow for editing.


5. Finally, you click the "Invite" button


You are able to edit the invitation by clicking the grey pencil on the right side of the inviting bar, you can change the permission status or revoke the invitation at any time.